Study Skills

Study Skills

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Avoiding Procrastination

1. Motivate yourself to work on a task with thoughts such as "There is no time like the present."

2. Prioritize tasks you have to do.

3. Work on difficult and/or unpleasant tasks first.

4. Commit yourself to completing a task once started. Reward yourself whenever you complete a task.

5. Work on tasks as part of a study group. This will help you to better focus.

6. Break large tasks into small manageable parts.

7. Get help from teachers and other students when you find a task difficult.

8. Make a schedule of the tasks you have to do and stick to it.

9. Eliminate distractions that interfere with working on tasks.

10. Take breaks when working on a task so that you do not wear down.

11. Work on a task you find easier after you complete a difficult task.

12. Find a good place to work on tasks.

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