Study Skills

Study Skills

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Choosing a Study Environment

Set aside a fixed place for studying and nothing but studying. This area needs to be shaped in such a way that it becomes the best environment for studying. It should be reasonably quiet and relatively free of distractions like radio, TV, and people. Several surveys suggest that 80 percent of a student's studying is done in his or her own room, not in a library or study hall.

Having a place that you can designate for studying and nothing else will help create an environment of habit where your instincts will focus on review. Then, whenever you sit down in that particular niche in the world, you'll feel like going right to work. Look at it this way; when you come into a classroom, you sit down and go to work by paying attention to the instructor. Your attitude and attention and behavior are automatic because in the past, the room has been associated with attentive listening and not much else. If you can arrange the same kind of situation for the place where you study, you will find it easier to sit down and start studying.

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