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Study Skills

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College Study Skills Myths

There are several myths about studying that you need to get over if you want to walk on water figuratively speaking:

1. Slow is better. Nonsense. How long does it take you to recall a photograph or event. Less than a second. Slow inculcation study time is the result of poor presentation and encoding. Reading is an artificial relational medium.

2. Cramming leads to a weak knowledge base. Well the truth is that up to 90% of what you learn in school you'll never use again in your career and you'll forget most of it anyway. So why not cram it, get it out of the way, and have more time to do the things you really want to be doing- The really important, useful stuff sticks through repetition anyway because it keeps turning up in your life. The rest is just for exam shows.

3. Study has to hurt. No pain no gain for study is patent nonsense. You have no trouble remembering your favorite movie or song and you enjoy remembering it. The problem with our educational system is the formats used to present information suck.

4. college study skills techniques are cheating and weaken your mind. BS. Many study techniques like mnemonics used regularly actually strengthen your cognitive muscle by programming your brain how to think efficiently. Many of them act as scaffolds which help you to get information in and dissolve away as you use the memory.

5. You're not smart enough. Crap (Criticism, Rejection, Assh0les & Pressure). The "pygmy effect" means that if society, your teacher or classmates expect you to perform poorly and you believe it, you will. Believe in yourself. That's Motive. will give you the Means. And school is your opportunity. Motive, Means and Opportunity = whodunit- You did.

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