Study Skills

Study Skills

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1. Select a topic you care about so that you will not get bored while researching it.

2. Research widely to find material that will support your topic. Keep records of your sources so that you can cite where you got your information from and gain credibility.

3. To be clear about what you want to say and create a framework around which you can build your presentation, reduce the aim of your speech into one sentence.

4. Develop four or five key points to support your main argument. Do not clutter your presentation with too many key or sub-points, as the audience's attention span is limited.

5. You can structure your presentation in the following ways:

- topical: when one idea seems to proceed naturally to the next,
- chronological: use a time sequence as an organisational framework,
- spatial: organise material according to physical space, or how parts fit into a whole,
- compare & contrast: highlight the differences/similarities between
- concepts,
- classification: put things into categories,
- cause & effect: show how two events are related to each other,
- problem & solution: excellent for persuasive speeches that offer plausible solutions to given problems.

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