Study Skills

Study Skills

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Delivery of Presentation

1. Relax. Breathe in and out deeply such that your shoulders do not tense and rise, but instead your ribs move in and out. In so doing, you will have more breath to release and support your voice when you want to project your voice to all of the audience. To speak clearly,

2. Articulate/enunicate your words properly, but naturally. Seek help from others or a dictionary if you do not know how to pronounce any word.

3. Have variety in your voice so that you do not bore your audience with monotones. Vary the volume, speed and pitch of your voice. Lower/raise your voice to give emphasis to what you want to say. Speak at a rate your audience can follow, not at such a speed that they cannot grasp your words or with such slowness that they fall asleep. Changing the inflections of certain words stresses these words and captures the audience's attention.

4. Be familiar with your notes. It is not essential to memorise every word. They are there to prompt you when you are at a loss for words, or guide you back to your main point if you need to digress a little. But do not rely so much on them that you are practically reading from your notes all the time.

5. Speak directly to your audience and maintain eye contact with them, instead of looking away from them. Looking at your audience allows you to monitor how they are responding to your presentation so that you can modify your approach immediately.

6. Avoid repetitive mannerisms (e.g. wringing your hands, rocking back and forth, saying 'um'/'you know' etc.) that can distract the audience from your speech. Make all movements as purposeful as possible. Be free with your hands so that they can gesture naturally.

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