Study Skills

Study Skills

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Essay Test Taking

Read through the entire exam before beginning, and plan how much time to take on each question.

Read the question carefully to determine what kind of response is required. Does the question simply require you to recall material from the course- Or does the question require that you analyze a new situation using what you have learned-

Start by outlining your answer. This might come from a pre-developed outline for a question you anticipated or can be developed on the spot. This will help you organize your answer and keep you from forgetting key points if you have to hurry to finish an answer.

Start with a strong introductory paragraph that establishes your argument with a clearly written thesis.

Make it easy for the grader to follow your argument by properly forming paragraphs and using marker words such as "first, second, third" or "the counter-argument."

Provide details that support your argument. Each piece of information should be clearly connected to your argument. Do not include extraneous information just because it is something that you remembered.

Finish with a conclusion that demonstrates that you have addressed the question and made an argument. This will solidify your answer in the mind of the grader and give you a chance to assess that you effectively answered the question.

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