Study Skills

Study Skills

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Fill in the details at the beginning of every week

Start by making a list of tasks you need to accomplish for each course.

Remember, part of your workload for a course might be studying for an exam the following week. So do not simply make a list of assignments due during the current week.

Determine how much time you will need for each course.

Some weeks you might need extra time for one course. This is where the extra study block you scheduled helps.

For each block of time assigned to a course, schedule specific tasks to accomplish.

When you sit down to study, you want to have a plan for what you will learn during that time. You might plan to read a chapter and complete the practice problems or you might plan to complete a set of problems. If you just need to read assigned pages, you will get the most out of it by quizzing yourself to make sure you are learning the important concepts.

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