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Study Skills

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Foundation of Public Speaking

While at NUS, you will probably have to do at least one oral presentation. Presentations may range from informal types, such as sharing your thoughts with your tutorial group, to formal ones in which you have to show your research findings to an examination board. To give effective presentations in whatever the form, it is vital to be aware of the:

1. situation: when and where you are giving the speech (e.g. presenting to your tutorial group will differ from presenting in front of a panel of examiners),

2. purpose: what do you want to achieve with your speech (i.e. do you want to inform, persuade or entertain your audience-),

3. audience: who you are giving the speech to (i.e. how you speak to your peers will differ from how you speak to your examiners),

4. method: how best to accomplish your purpose.

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