Study Skills

Study Skills

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Get ready to study

1. Set a study schedule.

Schedule adequate time to prepare for this exam. If you developed a schedule for your semester, you should have these sessions already scheduled. Do not hesitate to modify your schedule if you feel that you did not give yourself enough time.

2. Establish an objective for each study period.

Do not stop until you have mastered the objective. Study discrete pieces of information in sessions of 20 to 30 minutes; then take a short break and return to the information to see how much you remember. If you feel confident that you have learned the information, then go on. If not, spend another period studying the material.

3. Choose a productive study environment.

Any area in which you are comfortable and free from distractions will be a productive environment. If you are studying with someone, then a space where you can talk aloud is essential.

4. Study with someone.

The best way to test your knowledge is to teach it to someone else. Make sure that it is someone who shares your goals and motivation.

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