Study Skills

Study Skills

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Getting the most out of your study time

Decide when are you most productive - is it morning, afternoon, or evening- If you're not sure think about whether you're up and ready to go in the morning, or whether you're a night owl. Do the more difficult sections at times when you're at your best.

Plan for study time each day and get into a routine - this ensures you don't get behind, and it's easier to stick to your studies if you're in a routine. It's also easier for family/whanau and friends if they know when you're available and when you're not.

Think about where you're going to study - it should be a place where you can be comfortable, focused and productive.

Ask your family/whanau, friends and colleagues for their support. For example, could they babysit once or twice a week, or get the children from school- Or maybe there's someone work who's also studying, so you could support one another, or someone who could mentor you- You might be surprised to find how supportive some people are if they know you need help.

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