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How to Concentrate on Studies

One of the basic questions that a student faces is how to concentrate on studies. This is very basic and the very foundation on which academic success is based upon. It's not that we don't know how to concentrate because when we are playing a speed racing game on our mobile phone we can intensely focus on it to ensure we don't crash the car and lose the game. So we know how to concentrate subconsciously but don't know how to focus on important tasks.
So let's go ahead and learn each reason why we find it hard to concentrate on studies and how we can find a solution to it as well.

1. Begin with easy & likable subjects

This is the main reason why the mind wanders. We are not too motivated and make the mistake of picking up tough, difficult or rather boring subjects. If you wish to resolve the problem, understand this - normally your mind finds it easy to concentrate on stuffs that it finds interesting. The moment you pick up something that you do not enjoy, your mind will refuse to indulge in it and you will struggle with the question of how to concentrate on your studies. So the first rule is to begin with simple, easy and likable subjects that you are interested in learning. Once you have studied them, it sets the tone of your body and soon you begin to feel comfortable with subjects that are comparatively less interesting or fascinating. Slowly but surely you will notice that difference. Do not make the mistake of picking up tough or technical subjects because if you do so it will adversely affect your concentration levels

2. Plan in advance

Second most important reason why students find it hard to get an answer on how to concentrate on studies is because they do not plan their studies in advance. Many a times, students simply pick up the subject and start studying it. Nope! That will adversely affect your concentration levels. My suggestion is focus on planning. A research suggests that one minute spent is planning saves 10 minutes in execution. I leave the calculation to you but you can image how much time you can save by making proper study plan in your mind. Before going ahead with studying, spend some time planning what you should study, how you should study it. Once you prepare a plan in your mind, it becomes easier for your mind to follow it. In the absence of a proper plan, mind struggles to find it way and easily loses concentration.

3. Avoid distractions

Mind is such a powerful device that it operates outside of our conscious controls. This is evident from the fact that even when the body is asleep - the mind is not. You must have seen how you react while watching a 3D movie. You know that what you are seeing is not real but still you become a slave of your mind who believes the pictures to be real and react accordingly. Also, your mind is biologically designed in a way in which it automatically grabs the pieces of information that comes its way from the outside environment. So although you are focused reading this article but your mind is also paying attention to the environment around you. your mind is paying attention to the slightest of the sound that's coming its way. This is precisely why you find it hard to concentrate on studying and looking for an answer to how to concentrate on studies. The worse thing that you can do is to study in a noisy environment because distractions demand attention from your brain and it loses focus on the task at hand i.e. studying. The solution is to avoid all distractions around you and only have the books that you wish to study. There should be absolute silence and no movement of people around you. understand this, if you avoid distractions your mind will automatically concentrate on studies.

4. Don't multi-task

You cannot resolve the question - how to concentrate on studies while being active on your Facebook and WhatsApp. Your hunger and thrust to remain active on social media and your addiction to your smart phones is the biggest hindrance to concentration. Most of us don't realize that we are so deeply addicted to our habit to spending time of phones that we cannot concentration not just on studying but on anything unless. If you want to concentrate on studies stop multitasking! Simply turn your mobile off!

5. Work in short duration

The simplest answer to the question of how to concentrate on studies is - study in small chunks of time. That's it. This one suggestion can do wonders to your concentration levels. You must have noticed that you are able to concentrate on studies for few minutes but then as your prolong the duration - mind wanders. So the simplest solution is to get up and take a break the moment you feel that you are losing concentration. If I ask you to focus your attention on the heading of this paragraph for 1 minute, you may be able to do so but if you ask you to concentrate on it for 15 minutes, you'll refuse. Same thing happens while studying. Give yourself short periods of time to study and you'll find your concentration levels coming back on track!

6. Don't give plain reading - be active reader

You can improve your concentration on studies tremendously by being an active student. By active student I mean being alert to the text that you read. Students make mistake of reading the text in the book as if they are reading a newspaper. No doubt we remember very little of what we read in a newspaper unless it's about sports or entertainment. Always keen a pen and a paper handy while studying and make active notes about what you study. Underline important points and making notes here and there in the book. This way you involve your body and remain alert. The moment your mind and body becomes alert - your concentration levels increase. So you are bound to lose concentration if you read your books lying down on bed and without a pen in hand.

7. Ask questions

Another very effective concentration tips is to ask questions. You must have noticed how you immediately become alert when the teacher points you out in the middle of a class the asks a question. Your mind suddenly becomes active and alert. Do similar thing with yourself. Whenever you study something - stop and ask questions to yourself about what you studied. If you are unable to answer the question, go back and read again - this time more attentively. Soon you will find yourself concentrating more and retaining more. Asking questions is one of the most effective methods of studying which keeps your mind alert and kick resolve the problem of how to concentrate on studies.

8. Meditate & observe silence

You lose focus because your mind is not accustomed to it. Your find it hard to concentrate because you don't practice it. If you want to become a super power student, I'd suggest you begin with meditation. In meditation your mind is silent and concentrates on…. Nothing. This is one of the best stages to be in. if you can concentrate on nothing… you can concentrate on anything. Scientific researchers have proved that meditation has great effects on concentration and memory. If you want long term permanent solution to the problem of concentration - nothing can be compared to meditation.

9. Stay motivated by visualizing ultimate success

You lose focus and find it hard to concentrate on studies because you forget why studying today is tied up w ith your ultimate aim. Remind yourself why concentrating on studies is important today if you wish to become what you wish to become in future. How your today's actions are tied up with your tomorrow's results. If you are able to remind it to yourself, you'll get motivated and will get the required concentration back.

10. Use auto-suggestions

Last but not the least - stop saying that you are unable to concentrate on studies. Begin with saying that you can easily concentrate on studies because your words program your mind and your mind controls your behavior. Saying positive words like 'I can easily concentrate on studies' can have great long term benefits on your studying & concentrating abilities. When you stop focusing on the question of how to concentrate on studies, you begin to move in the opposite direction and get positive results.

The ability to concentrate on studies is the decisive factor that determines your failure or success in academic life. Begin today to implement these suggestions and you'll be amazed to see the results. I have shared a lot more information about how your can increase your concentration on studies in super power student. Many chapters have been devoted to address the problem of how to concentrate on studies.

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