Study Skills

Study Skills

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How to improve your reading

The average college student should be able to read 250 to 300 words of non-technical material per minute. If your reading speed is less than this, you are handicapped in one of your most needed skills. Check yourself on this point.

The solution to reading problems is sometimes complex and needs the attention of an expert in the field. Most people, however, can do much on their own to improve reading speed and comprehension by observing the following points:

1.Remove all visual defects. Have you had your eyes checked-

2. Force yourself (1) to read faster, and (2) to cover more words per eye fixation. Not more than 2 or 3 fixations per sentence should be necessary and once you are really good at it, you may be able to comprehend an entire sentence or even paragraph at a glance. Reading speed is to a large extent a matter of habit. By exerting conscious effort in the direction of reading faster for a period of time you can change this habit, without loss in comprehension. This matter of consciously trying to read faster is one of the most important points in the improvement of reading.

3. Your reading comprehension will be no better than your vocabulary. Build your vocabulary by keeping a running list of words you do not know. Look them up after each assignment and write down their definitions. Review this list from time to time. Usually, this method is preferable to interrupting your reading to consult the dictionary for each unfamiliar word.

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