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How to study night

This article is an explanation of how I study at night and survive my examination seasons. Study night If you are the kind of student that doesn't like to study or work during the day, or is busy with other occupations in the day and has time to only study at night, then this article is for you.

Studying at night isn't as mammoth a task as it may seem to you. One just needs to figure out how to beat sleep for about an hour or so. Once that happens, you will be beyond the point of tiredness and will be able to work till your brain literally shuts down and puts you to bed without you even realizing it. In the meantime, here is how you can effectively study at night:

Just to be safe, set little alarms: if you study night think you will fall asleep, set alarms for every hour or ever half an hour, whichever you think is suitable. If your phone or clock keeps ringing in that irritating manner, you will be forced to stay awake and when you're awake, you might as well study.

Drink lots of beverages: tea, coffee, energy drinks, you name it. Anything that will give you instant energy will help you stay awake and will also keep you alert. Too much caffeine is not good for your system, as it will be harmful in the long run. So try to stay away from coffee and energy drinks. Keep a can of RedBull or cafe Cuba (these have turned out to be most effective for me) as an emergency and just rely on cold water or juice and your will power for the rest of the time.

Keep away from electronic devices while study at night: study night be in a room or area where you can't be distracted by your cell phone, the internet, the laptop, television, or anything that can take you away from your studies. If you're a reader, keep books and novels away. In desperate times like the examinations, someone who hates a certain genre will still read it because it's the only available option. The only books and appliances around you should be your textbooks, notes and internet lacking appliances.

Try not to study in bed: I know it is really comfortable to cuddle up into a blanket on your favourite side of the bed but please don't. There shall come a time when you will be too comfortable and you will fall asleep. Now we don't want that do we- Try and study on a table or desk that is just comfortable enough for long periods of time.

Take short power naps: before you study night start studying for the night, take a nap for a couple hours at least. Make sure that there is someone or something to wake you up later and make you study. Naps are important because you are already missing out on your sleep. It will take time for your body to adjust to this new pattern of work and sleep but it will happen. Give yourself time, and try to get at least 4 hours of sleep in a day.

Eat properly: if you don't keep yourself healthy, your body will collapse under the entire load you are outing on it. You must keep yourself healthy and energised or you will fall ill, and all your hard work will go whoosh, down the drain. Have healthy and wholesome meals, and keep having small snacks during the night when you are studying. It will help you stay awake for longer. Study night

Always keep a glass of cold water: if you start to fall asleep somewhere during the night, drink a tall glass of really cold eater, and splash some on your face as well. If that doesn't work either, it might be time to break the glass of the emergency case holding the cans of cafe Cuba and RedBull. study night

Take breaks: if you start to get really bored (which you will every once in a while), take a small break. Half an hour is good enough. Watch television for a while, listen to some music, and take a walk, anything to freshen up your mind and body a little bit. Then please, get right back to your books and stay focused on them. Study night

Don't just read through books: reading, even for people who love to read, can be pretty boring sometimes. I suggest that you read, but write as well. Highlight points, write notes, make documents or reference notes for all the important topics that you are studying. This will keep your mind alert, your body working constantly, and you will be able to retain the information for longer and more clearly as well. Study at night

Don't stay in one place all the time: don't keep sitting in one position the entire night. It can be harmful for your body sometimes, and study at night can make you sore and tired as well. Walk around, recite your notes out as loudly as you can without waking anyone and shift your sitting position every once in a while. It will help you stay awake as well.
Well these are some tips that work wonders for me when I have to study till 3 AM for a 10 AM examination. If I can do it, so can you! Just remember to take care of yourself and motivate yourself by thinking about all the time you will have to sleep after your exams are over!

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