Study Skills

Study Skills

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Improving Concentration while Studying

The art or practice of concentration, whether studying biology or playing pool, is to focus on the task at hand and eliminate distractions. Use the following tips to improve your concentration.

1. Get a dedicated space, chair, table, lighting and environment

2. Avoid your cell phone or telephone

3. Put up a sign to avoid being disturbed or interrupted

4. If you like music in the background, OK, but don't let it be a distraction.

5. Stick to a routine, efficient study schedule

6. Accommodate your day/nighttime energy levels

7. Before you begin studying, take a few minutes to summarize a few objectives, gather what you will need, and think of a general strategy of accomplishment

8. Create an incentive if necessary for successfully completing a task, such as calling a friend, a food treat, a walk, etc.

9. For special projects such as term papers, design projects, long book reviews, set up a special incentive.

10. Changing the subject you study every hour for variety.

11. Take 5 minute breaks but don't watch T.V.

12. Alternate reading with more active learning exercises.

13. If you have a lot of reading, try the SQ3R method.

14. Ask yourself how you could increase your activity level while studying- Perhaps a group will be best- Creating study questions-

15. Ask your teacher for alternative strategies for learning. The more active your learning, the better.

16. Do something different from what you've been doing (e.g., walk around if you've been sitting), and in a different area

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