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Study Skills

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Interacting with Others

Cultivate your emotional intelligence further by interacting sensitively with others:

1. Overcome your fear of 'losing face'.

Most, if not all of us, tend to be emotionally frail and vulnerable. We try to disguise this by presenting ourselves to others as strong, self-sufficient and in control. Unfortunately, this fear of 'losing face' works against learning. If you are afraid of making mistakes, your academic and personal development will suffer.

2. Be willing to take risks.

It is hard to communicate meaningfully with others if you constantly take defensive stances. While it is imprudent to bare your soul to all, you need to deal with your friends sincerely. Choose them well and share with them your true-albeit imperfect-self. This is part of attaining emotional maturity.

3. Observe some ground rules.

- Courtesy, honesty, trust, mutual tolerance and a sense of humour which enables you to laugh at yourself occasionally are some essentials of healthy human relationships.

- Reinforce other people's positive self-perceptions.

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