Study Skills

Study Skills

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Levels of Concentration

1. Light Concentration

- The state when you first sit down
- The stage of concentration within the first five minutes of studying, listening or reading
- Light concentration signs include wiggling around the chair, twisting hair, and pulling out study supplies
- The distractions in the stage of light concentration include noticing other students walking in the room, be annoyed by any noises, text messages, friends' postings on Facebook or thinking about other things
- When you are in light concentration, you are easily distracted

2. Moderate Concentration

- During the next five minutes or so, you move into moderate concentration
- At this point you begin to pay attention to the material you are reading, hearing, or studying
- You begin to get interested in the lecture or text material
- At moderate concentration stage you may not be easily distracted
- Concentration may be broken if someone talks directly to you or when your mobile phone rings

3. Deep Concentration

- In deep concentration, you aren't thinking about anything except what you are hearing or studying
- At this stage you are totally engrossed in the material
- At this point, you are focused and in tuned with studying, listening, applying, reading, and relating the subject or material
- This is stage in the concentration cycle that you are working most effectively, and not easily distracted by anything else

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