Study Skills

Study Skills

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Make your weekly schedule at the beginning of the semester

Start by scheduling everything that has to be done at a specific time.

Courses, your job commitments, student organization meetings, and anything else for which you do not decide the time should go into your schedule first.

Effectively using the time left over is the key to your success.

Most of your study time will be at night, but it is important to use free blocks of time during your day to avoid being overloaded at night. This does not mean that every free minute during the day has to be scheduled for studying, but using your time efficiently during the day will help you tremendously.

To be most effective, you will want to schedule specific activities into your blocks of time.

At the beginning of the semester, you can identify specific blocks of time for each course. Look back to your estimate of how much time each course will require outside of class. Identify blocks of time in which you can study that give you enough time to match your estimate for every course. Then, at the beginning of every week, complete your schedule by planning the specific tasks that you will accomplish in each block.

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