Study Skills

Study Skills

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Mechanics Of Notetaking

1. Write your notes legibly the first time; do not plan to rewrite them because you probably will not have time.

2. Write on only the right 3/4 of the page. Use the left 1/4 of the page for your own questions, summaries, comments, notes from outside readings, etc. When reviewing the notes, cover the right portion of the page and try to recall the covered information using the cue words on the left.

3. Try to take notes in your own words rather than writing verbatim what the prof says. Use abbreviations where appropriate, but do not abbreviate so much that you are unable to "decode" your notes later.

4. If you miss a point, skip some space and continue taking notes. You can get the information later from the prof or a classmate.

5. Pay attention the entire class period.

6. Immediately after class review your notes; add or clarify information while the lecture is still fresh.

7. Review your notes on a daily basis.

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