Study Skills

Study Skills

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Multiple-Choice Exams

Read all directions thoroughly and then quickly preview the entire test before starting. Are there sections of the exam weighted more heavily- Do the questions get progressively more difficult- If there is a difference between sections, set a rough time schedule for each section. Plan time to review your answers and change answers if appropriate. How to attack each question:

- Answer easy questions first. If an item is too difficult to answer quickly, skip it and go back to it later.

- Read the entire question before looking at the answer choices and, if possible, answer the question without looking at the answer choices. Then examine all the answer choices before deciding which is correct.

- If the correct answer is not immediately apparent, eliminate any non-plausible choices. Is there an answer that differs from all the others-

- Remember that the instructor is usually looking for the best answer, so if two answers appear possible, make a choice.

- Use clues from previous questions. If you were certain of the answer for a previous question and it contradicts some of the possible answers on an item, then you can eliminate them.

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