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Study Skills

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Physical Sensory Learning Strategies

The strategies presented here will help you to zero-in and enhance your physical/kinesthetic learning ability.

If this is your favored learning approach, then you should concentrate 70% of your study efforts utilizing the strategies presented here. The other 30% should be spent on incorporating some of the strategies contained within the other two sensory learning modes.

1. Walking for Improved Memory and Recall

As a physical learner, you naturally favor movement over sitting or standing while you are learning. In order to use this to your advantage you must effectively incorporate some form of movement throughout your study regime. Walking while you are reading your notes is a good place to start. This naturally helps you to zone-out all outside distractions and focus in on the material you are studying. However, you must take care to make your movements steady, moderately paced and repetitive.

You will learn quite effectively while slow walking, however your learning curve will drop dramatically the moment you begin to increase your pace. You must find a comfort zone, where your breath is comfortable and is perfectly aligned to the rhythm of your body and the movements you are making.

If you are reading aloud, make sure that this is also done within a rhythmic pattern that is consistent with your movements. Our bodies are naturally drawn to rhythm on a subconscious level. This is why it is paramount that you create a comfortable walking/moving rhythm for an extended period of time while you are studying. Over time, this movement will naturally become anchored to your psyche in such a way that it will automatically trigger your body and mind to enter a deep and profound learning state that will allow you to recall information in rapid succession.

Other movements that may also be helpful include spinning slowly on a chair, rocking back and forth on your seat, or gently jumping up and down on a trampoline. In the end it doesn’t matter what method you use, as long as it is consistent, rhythmic and naturally moves you into a deeply profound learning state.

2. Be Dramatic in Your Approach

As a physical learner, you will learn far more rapidly if you approach your studies in a dramatic humorous fashion.

You should essentially see yourself as a slapstick comedian piecing the information you are learning in a memorable and unique way that will naturally stimulate your mind and enhance your learning ability. Use dramatic actions to act out the information you are studying, utilize props and other tools to further enhance the realism of your dramatic performances, and also consider recruiting a partner who can support you within these roles.

Your imagination is your only limitation, and your acting skills are absolutely irrelevant when it comes to winning your first Academy award. 😉

3. Role Play the Topic Under Study

Role playing what you are studying in ways that focuses you on teaching, debating or discussing the topic with others is an ideal way to learn.

As a physical learner you become very emotionally involved in the everyday actions you take and decisions you make. As such, it is of primary importance that you incorporate these same feelings and emotions into your study regime. For instance, getting into a heated emotional discussion with someone about the topic you are studying, will help enhance and expand important concepts within your mind.

Teaching another person about the topic you are studying will assist you with gaining new insights and understandings from a perspective you may never have considered. In this situation you will be forced to physically explain concepts and ideas in such a way that will help a novice fully grasp the topic under question.

Finally, debating your topic with someone will present you with emotional as well as logical challenges that may stimulate new avenues of thinking in unexpected directions.

No matter which of these methods you choose, it is important that you incorporate a little bit of drama, and completely lose yourself within the experience you have created.

4. Utilize a Study Partner

All the above physical learner study skills can be enhanced and improved upon by hiring the services of a study partner who is able to bring out raw emotional feelings and experiences from within your heart.

Hire someone to help you lose yourself completely within the topic you are studying, and their time will pay dividends with your academic achievements.

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