Study Skills

Study Skills

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Planning your study work

Use a study calendar to plan your trimester or year, and/or a study timetable to help you plan each week will help you get organised, and give you an overview of what work you need to do.

For a study calendar:

- Start by filling in all the important dates, such as your course end date and exam dates. Check your course information for these, or go to Key dates or Exam dates and venue information.

- Fill in deadlines for tasks assignments. You should find these in your course information. If you can't, contact your lecturer/tutor.

- Include other important dates, such as birthdays and other celebrations, family commitments, school holidays or important work dates, as they will all impact on your studies. Don't forget to include time for relaxation.

If your course material only has final deadlines for each assignment and the exam date:

- Work out what you need to do for each assignment and for the exam.

- Divide what you need to do into manageable chunks then estimate how long each one will take.

- Set your own mini deadlines for each chunk.

From there you can plan each week. Remember to work out how much time you will need to study each week for your course.

Display your study calendar and/or timetable in a prominent position to remind yourself of the deadlines.

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