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Study Skills

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Preparing for Communication

One of the key elements of emotional intelligence is the ability to clearly communicate with others. So when relating to others, keep in mind the following aims:

1. Be clear-headed.
You need to know your own mind and what you want to communicate to others. Take time for reflection and introspection.

2. Be aware of verbal and non-verbal communication.

- Verbal communication. The ability to express yourself accurately demands a certain degree of competence in handling language.

- Non-verbal communication. You also need to be aware of non-verbal communication through body language. Posture, eye contact and facial expression are ways in which what is said is reinforced or subverted - wittingly or unwittingly.

3. Be a good listener. To communicate effectively with others, you need to hear what they are saying. Practise listening by:

- not interrupting others,

- paraphrasing what they say to ensure that you understand them correctly,

- asking for clarification rather than inferring and imputing.

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