Study Skills

Study Skills

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Process of Remembering

How we choose to think at any given moment in time is as important as the learning strategies we choose to use.

Learning studies have consistently shown us that when we approach learning from a creative perspective that involves more then one of our sensory organs, that we can profoundly enhance our retention and recall of information.

Now, I'm not sure of the accuracy of these statistics, however studies have shown that we remember 20% of what you read, 30% of what you hear, 40% of what you see, 50% of what you say, and 60% of what you do. Of course this will somewhat vary from person-to-person depending on their sensory learning preferences, however based on personal experience with learning, it seems to be pretty accurate.

What these results are actually telling us, is that the more we interact with the information we are learning, the greater amount of information we will retain and hold onto over an extended period of time.

Reading is on the bottom of this list as it requires little involvement. However, doing is at the top of the list with a 60% retention rate because it is a multi-sensory activity that utilizes many sensory cues in order to stimulate the brain in creative ways.

If we were to incorporate all of these methods (reading, listening, seeing, saying and doing) into the learning process, then you may surprisingly find that your retention levels rise above 90%.

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