Study Skills

Study Skills

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Quantitative Questions

Understand the problem by answering a series of questions.
- What is the unknown and what information do you need to find it-
- Will drawing a sketch help-
- Are there multiple parts to the question- Not answering each part is an easy way to lose points.

Find a way to solve for what is unknown.
- Write down all that is given or known.
- If it makes sense, draw a sketch to help visualize the problem.
- Write down all relevant formulas.
- Use proper notation that is consistent with that used in the formulas.

Solve the problem using the procedure you developed in the previous step.
- Work neatly and carefully, and show your work for each step. This will help the grader follow your work, which might lead to partial credit. It also will make it possible for you to figure out where you went astray if your answer is incorrect.
- Include the units in your answer.

Check your answers.
- Carefully recheck your answer. Does your answer make sense to you- Is the quantity reasonable- Did you use all of the data that you originally decided was pertinent- Is your answer in correct units-
- If your answer does not seem to make sense, rework the problem.

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