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Questions Separate the Genius from the Masses

Yes, this indeed is true. In fact it could be the most important key fundamental ability that separates a highly intelligent person or student from the rest.

By asking the right kinds of questions, you will naturally stimulate the brain to think in unique and creative ways that will expand the possibilities and move you beyond fixed-beliefs that riddle the mind and limit its potential.

Many beliefs that we hold within our psyche are simply there because we fail to pose the questions that will break us free of their stranglehold over us. The same applies to learning.

If ever you are stuck and unable to break through an obstacle along your path towards successfully learning a subject or topic, then simply take a timeout, separate yourself from your study environment and on a piece of paper jot down as many insightful and thought-provoking questions you can think of that will expand your thinking and awareness about the topic you are studying.

These questions must be stated positively and focused on solution oriented thinking that will help you to find answers to the learning roadblocks that you are currently facing.

If while undertaking this exercise, you find that you become stuck on a specific question, then simply take out another piece of paper and begin asking questions about that question.

Over time, as you become more proficient, you may miraculously find that your intelligence has suddenly skyrocketed as you seem to be coming up with answers, insights and new ideas without having to breakaway from your studies in order to write out these questions.

Try this strategy, and you may be pleasantly surprised how effective it can be in accelerating your learning potential.

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