Study Skills

Study Skills

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Self Management

1. Monitor your time for three days in half hour increments. Then add up how much time you spent sleeping, studying, going to class, working, relaxing, traveling, eating, etc. This will help you see how you currently use your time, and if adjustments need to be made, you will see where.

2. Prioritize activities. Assign each item a priority rating, and assign each "A" priority a time slot. ("To-do Lists" Article) ("To-do Lists" Worksheet)

- "A" priority is assigned to tasks that have high value to you. These are tasks that you want to do because they will help you meet your goals. Also included in this category are tasks that have immediate deadlines.

- "B" priority is assigned to tasks that have medium value.

- "C" priority is assigned to tasks that have low value; these tasks can be put off or left undone entirely.

3. Ask yourself two questions.

- "Is what I'm doing now helping me achieve my goal
- "What will happen if I don't do this-"

4. Make and use a semester calendar so as to see ahead of time when exams and projects are due. Projects can be more easily completed if broken down into segments, and due dates are set for each segment.

5. Develop a weekly schedule including specific times to study specific subjects. Keep in mind the general rule of thumb that for every hour spent in class you should dedicate two hours studying. ("Developing Your Study Schedule" Article) ("Developing Your Study Schedule" Worksheet)

6. Learn to say NO when others want you to play before studying.

7. Use the "idle time" between classes wisely, even if it's only 5-10 minutes, by studying notes or flash cards.

8. Treat school like an 8-5 job. Dedicate this time solely to your academics. By following this rule, your evenings should be available for other activities.

9. Don't schedule back to back classes.

10. Decide what blocks of time will be available for study and then divide that time into one-hour time spans.

11. Try to study the more difficult subjects first. (See Eat That Frog Movie - 2 Minutes)

12. Schedule your time so that you can study before discussion classes and after lecture classes.

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