Study Skills

Study Skills

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Setting Study Goals

Before you begin an assignment, write down on a sheet of paper the time you expect to finish. Setting small goals will make the workload easier to split up and finish. Keep a record of your goal setting. This step will not take much time at all, however, it can be extremely effective. It may put just the slightest bit of pressure on you, enough so that your study behavior will become instantly more efficient. Keep the record of your goals as a measure of your study efficiency. Try setting slightly higher goals in successive evenings. Don't try to make fantastic increases in rate. Just increase the goal a bit at a time.

Set small, short-range goals for yourself. Divide your assignment into subsections and set a time for when you will have each section finished. If you are doing math, set a time goal for the solution of each problem, if you are reading, set a goal for each page or chapter. You will find that this is a way to increase your ability to study without daydreaming.

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