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Story technique

A story that links a number of facts is much easier to remember than a list of facts. This is because as each part of the story leads on to the next, each fact you remember is cue to help you remember the next. The story links them together and helps trigger your memory.

The more memorable the story, the easy it is to remember the things you have to learn. To help with this, try to see the events and interactions in your mind's eye as you're telling yourself the story.

An example of how to use the story method:

To remember the names of the Seven Dwarfs in the fairy story Snow White, you can make up a story to help you:

I'm usually Sleepy when I wake up at seven in the morning, but today I was wide awake and Grumpy because I knew I had to visit the Doc. I'm normally quite Bashful about going, but a friend told me not to be so Dopey, as I had an allergy that was making me very Sneezy. After went, and was given an antihistamine really very Happy!

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