Study Skills

Study Skills

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Strengthen Concentration with a Ritual

Strengthen your ability to concentrate by selecting a personal symbol that you can attribute to studying.

Select one particular article of clothing, like a scarf or hat, or a little figurine or totem. Just before you start to study, put on the cap, or set the totem on your desk. This ceremony will aid concentration in two ways.

First of all, it will be a signal to other people that you are working, and they should kindly not disturb you.

Second, going through a short, regular ritual will help you get down to work, but be sure you don't use the cap or your idol when your are writing letters or daydreaming or just horsing around.

Keep them just for studying. If your charm gets associated with anything besides books, get a new one. You must be very careful that it doesn't become a symbol for daydreaming.

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