Study Skills

Study Skills

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Study Checklist

The Student Guide presented many strategies that can help students with studying. As you study for the quiz in the 'exam' section, use the checklist of questions below to keep track of strategies that you have already tried. These questions will identify those strategies that you might still like to practise:

- Have you identified the quiz specifics (format of questions, time allowed, content to be tested)
- Have you organized your textbook notes and lecture notes (sequenced, stapled, in piles or folders)
- Have you integrated / cross-referenced your textbook notes with your lecture notes
- Have you tried to draw diagrams or concept maps to explain difficult concepts
- Have you determined if there is content that you need more help understanding
- Have you tried to explain the content from your notes in your own words and out loud if possible
- Have you practised solving the problem-type questions
- Have you found sample questions (from other textbooks or websites) that could be asked on the quiz
- Have you tried making flash cards or using mnemonics, acronyms, analogies, etc. to recall content
- Have you tried to teach someone else the material that you are studying
- Have you constructed a practice quiz for the content that will be studied
- Have you determined when is your best time of day to study
- Have you determined a good location for successful studying
- Have you tried to review your textbook and lecture notes regularly

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