Study Skills

Study Skills

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Study Skills For Students

Learning means studying and studying takes time. Though for some students , it can take less time than others. Why are some students faster -The question really is how to study better-meaning learning, retaining, understanding ..and even the abstract notion of enjoying it accomplished -

The real question that we answer here for you , me and the rest of us students wanting to learn is how to study better and faster beginning today.

So Here you go, for all students everywhere wanting to learn faster.

Study Skill Principle #1
Environment is everything. Good music helps , usually instrumental music works better as the words can sometimes distract. Use your judgement. Music for learning has been well documented in studies with positive results for learning better and faster.

Study Skill Principle #2
Concentration and focus are key. If your mind is on other things while you pretend to be looking at a book, you are only fooling yourself. Getting focused is key. Reaching a high state of mental focus and total concentration is something most of us have not been trained on, though it can be learned. Learn concentration well and you will learn much faster. That goes for anything..School, sports, skills...anything.

Study Skill Principle #3
Review. Dr. Jeannette Vos, co-author of the Learning Revoluton, discusses the principle of reviewing multiple times in short sessions is much more effective than one big study session.

In other words, If you study something on day 1 for one hour. Review it the next day, day 2 for 15 minutes. Then study it again day 4 for 15 min. Day 7 for 10 minutes, day 14 for 5-10 minutes and perhaps a month after as well. You will retain and permanently store this info for future use. Much more effective than one session for 2 hours which accumulative is about the same amount of time.

Study Skill Principle #4
Read faster = study less. Many speed reading programs now flood the market. A few good ones, many are marginal. Choose one that incorporates recall methods such as mind mapping, accelerated learning music, concentration skills and of course reading faster.

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