Study Skills

Study Skills

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Use Motivational and Organisational Strategies

Develop a positive attitude toward your studies. Firstly, you must want to study the modules that you have been enrolled in. You need to find the relevance and importance of pursuing these modules and carry out the assignments. If need be, think of ways of making the module more interesting so that you could generate an interest. Secondly, you need to believe that you can do it. If you find it overwhelming to work on a certain task or assignment, divide the chunk of work into smaller tasks and carry out each task one at a time.

Use goal-setting strategies. Setting clear goals to be achieved for each module would help to enhance your concentration. This would help you focus on what you need to learn or accomplish while embarking on the module. Find out from your professor the expectations for the module, including requirements for each assignment.

Use time management strategies. At the start of the semester, list down the deadlines for all assignments and dates for all tests and exams. On a weekly basis, plan time for your studies (e.g. revision, assignments), rest and recreation so that you have a balanced life. On daily basis, list down a checklist of tasks that needs to be carried out for the day and the amount of time required for each task. Focus on one task at a time. Also remember to schedule some buffer time for each task, in case you need more time to carry out certain task than as scheduled. At the end of every day, review the list of tasks, before planning for the following day. Likewise, at the end of every week, you can also carry out a review, before planning for the following week.

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