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Study Skills

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Using Your Expectations For Yourself To Become Motivated

Students often fall prey to disparaging their own abilities when faced with a difficult task, which can lead to a lack of motivation. The key to maintaining motivation in the face of difficult tasks is to learn how you can form positive expectations of your capabilities. There are a number of strategies for achieving this.

Be realistic and accurate in assessing your capabilities.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing your weaknesses can lead you to addressing them. You might work to improve your areas of weakness, but you could also restructure activities to avoid demands that prey on your weaknesses. Employing this kind of adaptability might make a task more palatable and therefore help you stay motivated.

If you encounter failure, make a plan to change behaviors and circumstances that you can control.

Do not attribute outcomes to those things you cannot change. Lack of knowledge, lack of effort, or flawed study strategies are all things you can change; your intelligence is not. Do not think that you are not smart enough, think about what you can do differently. Be honest in your assessment of the problem. Did you really work as hard as you could, including keeping up with the course from the beginning of the semester- If you feel that you put in the maximum effort, then maybe you need to change your study strategies.

Take responsibility for your academic behavior.

Avoid blaming the instructor for being a bad teacher. Do not make excuses that you do not have the time, energy, that you do not feel well or are not in the mood to study. You have made the choice to be here, so you need to develop the skills for dealing with these problems. You can create the time with a good time management plan. If you truly feel that you do not have enough energy to succeed, look at changing your diet, sleep habits, and exercise habits, and consider other wellness practices. Avoid falling into the "I do not like my classes" trap. Realize from the start that you will take some classes that might not naturally excite you. They might be required for your major or simply did not turn out to be what you had hoped. Life is like that. You need to be able to adjust.

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