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Study Skills

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Visual Suggestions

When learning through a visual means and while incorporating visual learning strategies it is important to ensure that your visual learning experience is bright, close, colorful and funny.

As visual learners we naturally remember and recall information easily that is designed in a memorable and vividly imaginative way.

As you are working through the visual learning strategies presented within this post, make sure that you incorporate brightness, closeness, color and humor into your study regime. This will not only improve each of the study strategies you have chosen to pursue, but will also dramatically enhance your memory and recall of information.

As a final thought, while you are working through the visual study strategies, ask yourself the following questions:

How can I make this information brighter so that it stands out more readily in my mind-

How can I bring this information closer so that I am completely engrossed within its influence-

How can I add more color in ways that will further enhance my memory and recall-

How can I create and build humor into this information, thusly making it standout in my minds-eye-

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