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What is memory

The word memory has its roots in Greek mythology. According to the ancients, Mnemosyne (NI-MOS-A-NEE), the goddess of memory, was said to have known everything in the past, present, and future. They regarded Mnemosyne as the basis of all life and creativity. In addition, according to the myth, if mortals drank from the River of Death, Lethe, they would lose all their memories. This implies that the ancient Greeks regarded memory as the source of inspiration, and equated losing one's memories with death. So memory was held in very high regard.

That's the ancient perspective. But how do we define memory in modern times- In his well-known book, Study Smarter, Not Harder, Kevin Paul describes memories in the following way:

Memories are neural traces created in the brain. They are the linkages or connections between neurons that constitute the chemical bond caused by strong associations.

As a student, you rely on your memory a great deal. Learning effective memory techniques can improve your concentration, boost your self-confidence, and produce higher grades.

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